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Thinking about running for office on climate? We want to help.

Are you considering running for office, already have your plans in place, hope to support or staff a climate candidate’s campaign, or are just figuring out how to engage with the upcoming elections? We want to help! 

We have partnered with the National Democratic Training Committee to hold Run for Climate trainings for state & city climate candidates 1-2x a year. NDTC also holds regular remote trainings for candidates on a variety of skills that you can sign up for through our partner page. Sign up below to either hear about the next available training or start training with NDTC now! 

During the training you’ll learn how to:

  • Building your base and setting up your get-out-the-vote strategy
  • Building a volunteer-driven campaign
  • Fundraising, social media, campaign tech, and much more!

Run for Climate:

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Start Training to Run Now:

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