Fighting the Scotus Ruling – Fund Local Climate Candidates This Summer

Scotus has just gutted the epa’s ability to tackle climate change.

This morning, the conservative majority of the Supreme Court announced its consequential decision in the West Virginia vs. Environment Protection Agency case. Their ruling effectively guts the Clean Air Act and the federal government’s ability to regulate carbon emissions. 

In this new phase of the fight for our future, we MUST turn to local elections (cities/states/utilities) to move off fossil fuels. 

Here are 14 primary candidates that NEED your help to win this summer. Please help them win by donating today!

Today’s ruling is a major setback – but the transition to a green economy will happen as much among city/county/state govermentss as federal. Small dollar donations in each of these races can go MUCH further in helping these progressives win.

Here are the candidates we’re supporting for this summer’s primaries:

  1. Minnesota has been on the brink of passing a historic climate justice bill for years that would transition it to clean energy & protect frontline communities. Liish Kozlowski, María Isa Pérez-Hedges, Erin May Quade are running in primaries to help pass a MN Green New Deal!
  2. NY State Senate challengers David Alexis and Kristen Gonzalez are primarying senior leaders who’ve blocked climate bills like the Build Public Renewables Act so that one of the largest states could enact some of the country’s boldest legislation to phase out fossil fuels & democratize their utility.
  3. Providence, RI plans to expand fossil fuel infrastructure at its port and local organizers like Jackie Goldman, Corey Jones, and Andrew Poyant are running to build a progressive majority that can protect frontline communities from port pollution & fully move the city to renewables.
  4. Arizona’s state legislature, long held by Republicans, needs new climate champs like Brianna Westbrook, Analise Ortiz, Priya Sundareshan, and Anna Hernandez that can lead the charge to block regressive bills preventing the state from moving to green energy & passing water conservation measures.
  5. In Richmond, CA, Eduardo Martinez is running for mayor in the home of a major Chevron refinery as part of the Richmond Progressive Alliance. If he wins, the alliance can use both the office & City Council to start holding Chevron accountable and pursue just transition solutions.
  6. In Ramsey County MN, Mai Chong Xiong is running in one of the state’s largest counties on a local Green New Deal plan that achieves net neutral clean energy by 2040, moves the county’s car fleet to electric, expands on public transit, and much more.

We’ll be releasing more on each of these candidates, more endorsements, and ways to help get out the vote in the coming weeks – stay tuned and please donate to these races today!